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The TOEFL (iBT) is a 3 ½ hr language proficiency exam testing English fluency in the fields of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. A thorough and exhaustive assessment in nearly every respect, the TOEFL (iBT) is among the most challenging standardized tests a student can be expected to take along their educational journey. American schools have grown to rely upon the TOEFL (iBT) above any other metric when assessing an international student’s candidacy, so it is important to prepare for this exam with tutors who have a proven track record of improving students’ English skills.

Why Choose Precision Academic Tutoring?

An established leader and innovator in the field of TOEFL preparation, Michael Hirsch has reviewed every TOEFL exam released to the public over the past decade to devise a series of proprietary techniques proven to ensure success on each of the TOEFL’s four core subjects. With over 15 years of dedicated experience helping students of all ages prepare for the TOEFL, Michael Hirsch is expert at diagnosing each student’s specific skill sets and customizing a unique program with targeted lesson plans and homework assignments to optimize results.

Who Should Consider Our TOEFL Program?

Michael Hirsch and his expert tutors have hosted 1-on-1 TOEFL classes online to more than a hundred students located in more than 15 different countries. Though we are based in New York City and Los Angeles, we are available to meet with students around the world.

Our Results

Michael Hirsch and his Precision Academic Tutoring TOEFL team have the best numbers in the industry:

Using a Tablet

Our program has helped students improve their performance on the TOEFL by an average of 53%

Studying at Home

75% of all students who completed one of our TOEFL programs scored a 95 or better

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