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SAT ACT Test Prep

Preparing for the SAT or ACT can be nerve-wracking for any young student. These college entrance exams not only represent the single most important assessment of their high school career but also differ significantly from most other tests they have previously taken. With so little time dedicated to its preparation in high school, it’s understandable students have questions about the standardized testing process. At Precision Academic Tutoring, we’re here to help! 


With more than 15 years of dedicated experience preparing students for the SAT and ACT, Michael and his team can answer all standardized testing questions students may have and create a customized plan for success. Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach to test prep, Michael and his Ivy League tutors perform numerous diagnostics to better understand each student’s specific skill sets and use proprietary practice modules to optimize performance.


Over the past five years, our students have increased their SAT scores by 285 points on average and ACT scores by more than 7 points, oftentimes scoring above the 95th percentile of all test-takers. Contact us today to schedule a free test-prep consultation.

Using a Tablet

Our Program has helped students improve their performance on the SAT by an average of 285 points

Studying at Home

Our Program has helped students improve their performance on the ACT by an average of 7 points

High School Entrance Exams
High School Entrance Exams

high school
entrance exams

Middle School students hoping to attend a private or specialized high school are often required to achieve a designated score on an entrance exam to be eligible for admission. It’s important these young students, many of whom have never taken a standardized test before, prepare for these competitive entrance exams by studying the subject matter and reviewing important test-taking strategies. Michael and his team have helped dozens of students excel on the SSAT, ISEE, TACHS, HSPT and SHSAT.

TOEFL Test Prep


American schools rely on the TOEFL to ensure international students possess the requisite language skills to succeed in an American academic environment. Click the Learn More button to discover how we can help students prepare for the TOEFL.

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Of all the SAT tutors I have used for my children, Michael is by far the best - his method is extremely efficient, he is very available, and provides constant feedback to both the student and the parent. Will definitely use him again.


---- Marie L

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