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Undergraduate Admissions

undergraduate admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

Applying to colleges can be stressful. As tuition costs rise and acceptance rates fall virtually every year, more and more high school students are discovering not even a flawless transcript and exceptional SAT/ACT score can guarantee acceptance to a top-choice school. In an ultra-competitive college admissions environment, it is important students make their applications stand out from the pack!


Behind every college acceptance letter is a strategically crafted application demonstrating a student’s essential interests, skill sets and value to a university. At Precision Academic Tutoring, we are here to help students understand what admissions officers are searching for in their applicant pool and convey those attributes in their applications.


Michael Hirsch, a Creative Writing major from Stanford University with a passion for helping students bring their stories to life, has spent the past 15 years guiding applicants through the college admissions process. From researching undergraduate programs and creating well-balanced college lists, to crafting compelling college essays and preparing mock admissions interviews, Michael and his Ivy League team have helped dozens of students gain acceptance to elite schools, including Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Columbia, Penn, NYU, UC Berkeley, UCLA, McGill (CA), Oxford (UK) and Cambridge (UK).

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College Transfers
College Transfers


At Precision Academic Tutoring, we understand not every educational path is a straight line and encourage aspiring transfer students to contact us to learn more about what the process entails. Featuring entirely new essay prompts, extracurricular activities and awards sections, and recommendation requirements, transfer applications can often differ quite substantially from traditional undergraduate applications. Michael and his team are here to help transfer applicants successfully navigate the transfer process so they can begin the next phase of their academic journey.

Graduate School Admissions


Graduate school applicants can spend years preparing for graduate school. With so much time and energy already invested in the process, it’s important candidates clearly demonstrate their credentials and interest in a given program through their application materials. Michael and his team have helped applicants achieve acceptance to numerous top-10 MBA programs, law schools, and master’s programs in the country.

Graduate School Admissions
Leaves Shadow


Michael helped my daughter with the college essay process, to find her topic and develop her voice.  He went above and beyond, even finding a Chinese translator for a document she referenced. Not only was her essay the only one printed in her high school's literary magazine, she received a large merit award from her first choice college.  Thank you, Michael!


---- Robin M

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